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Welcome to our ECOhome...



Stop the time and relax...Your unforgettable journey begins here...

Smooth your body and spirit by taking a bath in this holy river.
Allow the smells and colors of the natural surroundings to awaken your senses.

Enjoy a responsible Safari in Yala National Park and experience an amazing sunset over the lake.

Participate in the daily rituals "pooja" in one of the most importantmulti-religious holy sites in the world.

Enjoy a meal combining the unique blend of Sri Lankan spices with age old cooking methods.

Relax under the stars among the magnificent natural beauty and silence of the edge of the jungle.

We are situated in Kataragama, which is a small town located 238 km South East of Colombo.

Kataragama is surrounded by the sacred gem river and beautiful lakes, the jungle at the border

of the Yala National Park. It is one of the most visited, sacred multi-religious pilgrimage sites

for Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and  Vedda communities of Sri Lanka, and devotees from

all over the world come here to honor their faith.

Our Eco home lies here within this very special spiritual melting pot, for a sustainable tourism.

Eco friendly and comfortable atmosphere where you are welcome to join us 

for an unforgettable stay and experience.






Our home lies on the border of the Yala NP within incredible natural beauty.

The environment is fundamental to our lives, and here we have built an

ecological home for responsible living.
The "mother home" and furniture is built in a rustic style using renewable and

natural materials found in the area.

The restaurant and lounge area are made from mud and palm leaves.

Our electricity supply is generated with solar panels where possible.
We want to offer you a unique relaxing experience in harmony with nature.

Sri Lanka has it's own unique and distinct dishes and flavors.
The island produces a rich variety of natural nourishment.
The philosophy of our home is: if we eat healthily, we will also live well.
Our food is freshly prepared daily, cooked on an open fire with terracotta pots.

We use organic rice, seasonal vegetables, herbs, milk and fruit grown on our land.
We will gladly serve you Sri Lankan cuisine with care, rice and curry, fresh salads,

fruit juice, delicious curd and local sweets await you at dinner.

Start healthy in the day

Connect the world

GEMriver & garden

Enjoy the biodiversity


Explore the surrounding


Aryuvedic tradition & woodfire


Tee/coffe and water incl.

A special thanks for the Video made by: Rui Sousa

Gem River Edge Eco Home and Safari

Sella Road _ Keselkoratwua  _ Kataragama - Sri Lanka

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