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In the direct environment of the river "Menik Ganga" or also named as the "Gem River", 

Ackara Vissa Eco Farm is located. The terrain includes 25.000qm2

and lies very quietly in the middle of rice fields.

The whole area adjoins to the Yala national park and is used for traditional agronomy

Therefore we found an intact ecosystem with a large and beautiful flora and fauna.

The area is perfect to create a retreat for those people, who want to stay 

a few days longer, to get an advanced feeling for the nature around them.

The calmness of an intact nature, the participation in a sustainable long term agriculture

and the fusion of culture, nature and technique will make this place so unique.


Beside the mudhouse lies an own roomier bathhouse built up from bricks with an own tree in it.

A rustic cottage, a beautiful tree platform viewing the river perfect for relaxing or yoga/meditation practice.

Kitchen, house and bath have own water supply and solar energy supply.

The stairs to the river are built up with river stones. We welcome you to this wonderful Sri lanka Eco tourism.

Ackara Vissa Simplicity

                                      ECOfarm & retreat

Jungle Bathhouse

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